Get The Power Of An Attitude Of Gratitude

Too many of us spend our time wishing for the things that we do not have. Got it all, accomplished it all and experienced it all.

However, it is this damaging attitude that’s stunting our happiness and thwarting our sense of wellbeing. To begin with, happiness isn’t a destination. It doesn’t matter how many goals you tick off your to-do list, we will always want to achieve that little bit more.

No, it’s as the Law of Attraction teaches us (see – orclick here now ) – happiness is not about the destination, it is definitely about the journey. Happiness is all about taking stock of all the good that’s already around you. Happiness is about recognising the blessings which are already in your life, no matter how few or how many. Gratitude is happiness.

All of us enjoy a great number of blessings, without realising it. Nonetheless, no matter how blessed we may be, the majority of us overlook these things – blinded by our feelings of lack and want.

This is why gratitude is important. Creating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is exactly what can guide us back to remembering what is most important in our lives and how abundant we are. A grateful person is a truly happy one – so, stick to these 3 tips for cultivating greater gratitude.

1.Keep A Gratitude Journal.

Ensure it is part of your daily routine, to find a minimum of at least 10 things that you’re grateful for in your day and write them down.Whether it’s in a fancy new journal you purchase, or on scraps of paper – making this a consistent part of your daily routine will remind you to look for the good in your life . This will not just help your life to take on an immediate, rosier appeal but will help you to feel more positive and happier in the life that you lead (see – law of attraction for career ).

2.Look For The Little Things.

In the more difficult, dire of times it might seem close to impossible to find anything in your life to be thankful for. However, having an attitude of gratitude doesn’t have to necessarily involve giving thanks for the big things. The fact that you are alive, can move your legs, hear the voice of your child, your pillow, even a smile from a stranger – are gratifying reasons to be grateful.

3.Give Back!

Arguably the simplest and most rewarding way of expressing gratitude, is to give back! Be it you are making a donation to charity, lending some help or supplying a shoulder to cry on – these things are ways of expressing gratitude and will help to attract greater positivity into your life.

Give gratitude a chance! As you can see, having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ doesn’t have to be difficult and can make a real difference to your happiness.

For more information on using gratitude or The Law of Attraction, see – the secret law of attraction movie .

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