Using Your Most Powerful Sexual Energy to Manifest Your Desires

Interested in the Law of Attraction? We want to give you one of the most powerful manifesting techniques there is. This technique uses your sexual energy, which is one of the most powerful energies we have. This just makes sense. When you look at life, what is one of the most miraculous things you can do? It is co-creating another human being through the process of conceiving.

Here are a couple of ways you can use your sexual energy to ramp up your manifesting abilities.

  1. Visualize your desire while activating your sexual energy – When you are visualizing what you desire, tune into your sexual energy. Sense it in your second and root chakras. The more you can sense it, whether it is a tingling, a heat or a pleasurable sensation, the better. Continue to visualize what you desire – see it, feel how you will feel with your desire manifest. At the same time, energize the visualization by activating your creative powers through sensing your sexual energy.
  2. Use the power of your voice at orgasm – You can do this alone or with another. Just before orgasm, visualize your desire. Then at your climax use your voice to state your desire, ‘I desire _____!”

These two techniques will activate and speed up your manifestation immensely.

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If you want to take your manifestation to a more advanced level, you can use Energetic Essences. Energetic Essences are the unstructured energy of your desire. You bring them into form (manifestation) by aligning your mental, emotional and physical bodies to the essence of your desire.

Finding Energetic Essences take some practice and the best way to become proficient is to use a guided process. If you are interested in such a process, one that combines the power of your sexual energy with energetic essences here is the download.



17 thoughts on “Using Your Most Powerful Sexual Energy to Manifest Your Desires”

  1. Hm .. never thought of that one … but seems interesting. Thanks for the guidance. I like it.

    Love and Light, Cat

  2. It’s all kundalini rising and White tantra.
    Your sexual energy is the most powerful energy in your body, hence why in sexual activity, there’s such an immense sensation, when awaking the sexual energy, it’s hard to keep it in because of how powerful it is. However; having the orgasm isn’t the best way for manifesting with this.
    You shouldn’t release the energy, because then you lose vital powerful energy. Engaging in sexual energy without orgasm is the best way to raise your kundalini, your chi and your manifesting capabilities, the stronger your chi the faster you manifest.

    So I would say the best way to manifest is while engaging in sexual activity, right before you reach your climax where your sexual energy is most powerful, withdraw from sex and imagine the energy traveling up the spine to your third eye while chanting the sound “AAh,” and then visualize what you want.

    Also if you do this everyday without releasing the sexual energy, you’ll find manifesting becoming almost effortless.

  3. Hahaa, thanks! I’ve always suspected because sometimes in deep meditation, I get very aroused, and I’ve always thought there is a connection… but this post makes the connection clearer and more useful, seeing sexual energy now as having a potential function for conscious creation.

  4. Interesting because I was doing this for experimental purposes a long time ago and found it worked quite well. Now I know I’m not the only one.

  5. @Jon.
    Yes, Aliester Crowley called it sexual Magick. But him being known as one the most evil Satanists in history, that proves that his methods might not be very legit.
    Increasing your most powerful energy to manifest is THE most effective way of manifesting and the yogi’s used this to manifest instantly. Aincient yogi’s and even some today can manifest instantly like pulling an apple out of thin air. This is what can be achieved with raising your sexual energy. But not through the Orgasm or Ejaculation. Infact the worst thing a man can do is to waste his seed.
    All major religions warn of how detrimental it is to waste semen. From Buddhism to Taoism, to Hinduism, to Christianity and much more. They all warn of wasting semen. And this is how Aliester did it! He wasted his semen to manifest.
    This is not what you should do because you will never reach the point of instantaneous manifesting like the yogis.

    If you cannot control the orgiastic state however; you can train your PC muscle in your phallus to stop the ejaculation while having an orgasm. I’m able to do this and so is millions.
    Retaining your semen is very beneficial physically and spiritually. It increases your vitality and improves almost all areas of your life!

    The highest phase however is engaging in sexual activity and withdrawing right when your energy is highest and about to have an orgasm. This is true will power, I can do this and so can thousands.
    This is extremely beneficial to spirituality and physical health.
    This will allow you to manifest way easier, and also allow your whole perception to be clearer, even seeing and thinking becomes clearer. And this is not just the only benefits..
    This can be traced throughout history to biblical times!

    In closing, take a little time and think about it for one second, because I thought about this as a young teenager.
    How marvelous is semen and sperm that it can “MANIFEST” a physical human being.
    Think about it, and when it’s released, you feel drained, sleepy, lazy, tired..
    Why is this?
    because as much positive energy you put into something, none is as powerful as to guarantee the physical creation a new human being!
    This amazing amount of energy is then released from you. You can almost say apart of you is gone at emission!
    And why does it feel as if it needs to be released before orgasm; this is because the energy in itself is astounding!

    Think about it.

    Good Luck.
    p.s: To: Site admin, Thanks for approving my last comment 🙂

  6. I believe this is true and have used it effectively.
    I feel it works because at the point of orgasm we are most connected to ourselves and vibrating at the purest frequency which more easily traverses the universe than when we are just daydreaming. That being said this method is a shortcut but meditation also can get you into the same vibrational frEquency.
    I knew about this for many years before I shared it and then only shared it with enlightened others on the path. I felt a certain responsibility to keep sacred information close because even manifestation can be misused.
    The other manifestation shortcut is explained on my website.

  7. Interesting I was first introduced to this by the book Napoleon hill where he discuss something similar to this in one of his chapters in his book.

  8. Besides being a fun and enjoyable practice, this does work for manifesting. I have been doing it for several months and have two amazing requests show up in my life. Sexual energy and orgasm is the energy and vibration of creation and I am thankful for this teaching and how it has helped my life. Please use only for good, love and desires that benefit others as well as yourself.

  9. Using loaded phrases and biases like the best way, elivates the necessity to think more broadly as to condition / state of the individuals involved, what is the ” right way inn one circumstance or for a person at a particular point on their Journey. A for instance is in the event of an age /relationship cultural bias we find here in the west that life partners will loose interest over time.

    This has promoted the growing number over 50% of males over 50 in the us having precursors for prostate cancer, urinary tract infections and diminished seminal and urinary flow. In such an instance the recomendation given works the situation in nthe wrong direction, and can imagine many more scenarios. Stagnant energy doesn’t get stored as a foundation for life force and kundalini rising and it is well known throughout all ages in the ancient world that sacred sexual union, is a path to enlightment.

    As for manifestation, in the case of western males, if retired from the work force rematurely and also the cultural sex isn’t for the long haul manogamy behavior based on religio socio politico factors which may not have a proper fix on such detail. This is partly behind the long standing breach of manogamy in males and in the recent 30 years leveling of the playing field as far as percentages with males.

    In the human spiritual and sexual intimacy kundalini energy equation, there are many more possibilities than one. Some people do not posess the energy to have much interaction over a life time, some people regain balance by not culminating in orgasm. Its best not to generalize in this regard, and to leave such questions to living avatars to answer, or those who have successfully purged the entrainment of society, religion, and the political machines that harness these for the purposes of controlling the masses.

    All manifestations we draw to our life are a combination of the spiritual minds ability and desire to express, the lower bodies and carnal minds desire to create, but let us be refect in this regard. Thought preceeds form. What you think about a topic, or anything else, is more likely to dominate the undercurrent of manifestation than not. You can’t always get what you want, but often do get what you need in the longer view of personal growth, and evolution as a secies.

    Chris T.

  10. One would only hope that this resource for bringing forward good and positive benefits to the world. Even more so because sexual energy is tied to the emotion “LOVE” and therefore hopefully people will hopefully take this into account when using this practice.

    Personally, I am excited to try this method of manifestation.

  11. Everything stated here is pretty interesting. I truly agree that sexual energy is a main factor in manifesting. Not just offspring but also a main factor in attracting our desires. To what extent I really can not say, that’s for the scientists. But for all here if it works keep using it.

  12. Wonder what people are trying manifesting “I desire ??” Interesting. Sharing desires anyone?

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