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Follow These 5 Unconventional Steps To Get What You Want

Have you lately felt trapped? Trapped and struggling to move forward with your life? Everybody is prone to experiencing this from time to time, however, for some, this feeling of being ‘stuck’ can last a lot longer than it does for others.

Why is it that so many individuals experience this feeling of being ‘stuck’? What exactly is it that stands in the way of our goals?

The reason is this – we keep doing what we think is right, rather than taking the time out to do what will actually work.

We’re restricted by old habits and thought patterns; we stand in the way of ourselves.

So – if you’re looking to get unstuck, whether its in your relationships, career or health – have a look at these 5 fail-proof steps to help you get what you want.

Step 1: Admit that maybe, just maybe, it’s you that’s holding you back where you are. You could have done something the same way your entire life, but that does not mean it’s the best way of doing it. You are the sole creator of your life (see – using the law of attraction for your career success ). Step out of your own way).

Step 2: Search for the root cause. Turn inwards; consider any old thought patterns or negative beliefs that may be standing in the way of you getting where you want to be. Face up to any guilt, excuses, resentment or fears that may have stunted your ability to move forward – before allowing them to go for good.

Step 3: Be prepared to honestly share your present situation with others. Be brave enough to ask for the ideas and opinions of others. Listen with care to what others have to say, stay open to new ideas and opinions.

Step 4: Try something totally new! If you find it tough getting what you want from one area of your life, stop doing whatever you have always been doing and try something new. If you know of people that have achieved what you wanted to achieve, look at how they did it. Or throw around some new strategies with friends and get their feedback on what may work best for you.

Step 5: Once you’ve committed to something new, stick with it for at least 2 weeks! Reward requires effort. Do not allow yourself to revert back to your old thinking patterns and habits, really push forward with your new strategy in order to get what it is that you want (see – learn the law of attraction ).

Everybody is entitled to achieve their dreams and desires. Nonetheless, you and you alone are responsible for making this happen – so, use these 5 easy steps to get out of your rut for good and get what you would like.

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Get The Power Of An Attitude Of Gratitude

Too many of us spend our time wishing for the things that we do not have. Got it all, accomplished it all and experienced it all.

However, it is this damaging attitude that’s stunting our happiness and thwarting our sense of wellbeing. To begin with, happiness isn’t a destination. It doesn’t matter how many goals you tick off your to-do list, we will always want to achieve that little bit more.

No, it’s as the Law of Attraction teaches us (see – www.thelawofattraction.co.uk orclick here now ) – happiness is not about the destination, it is definitely about the journey. Happiness is all about taking stock of all the good that’s already around you. Happiness is about recognising the blessings which are already in your life, no matter how few or how many. Gratitude is happiness.

All of us enjoy a great number of blessings, without realising it. Nonetheless, no matter how blessed we may be, the majority of us overlook these things – blinded by our feelings of lack and want.

This is why gratitude is important. Creating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is exactly what can guide us back to remembering what is most important in our lives and how abundant we are. A grateful person is a truly happy one – so, stick to these 3 tips for cultivating greater gratitude.

1.Keep A Gratitude Journal.

Ensure it is part of your daily routine, to find a minimum of at least 10 things that you’re grateful for in your day and write them down.Whether it’s in a fancy new journal you purchase, or on scraps of paper – making this a consistent part of your daily routine will remind you to look for the good in your life . This will not just help your life to take on an immediate, rosier appeal but will help you to feel more positive and happier in the life that you lead (see – law of attraction for career ).

2.Look For The Little Things.

In the more difficult, dire of times it might seem close to impossible to find anything in your life to be thankful for. However, having an attitude of gratitude doesn’t have to necessarily involve giving thanks for the big things. The fact that you are alive, can move your legs, hear the voice of your child, your pillow, even a smile from a stranger – are gratifying reasons to be grateful.

3.Give Back!

Arguably the simplest and most rewarding way of expressing gratitude, is to give back! Be it you are making a donation to charity, lending some help or supplying a shoulder to cry on – these things are ways of expressing gratitude and will help to attract greater positivity into your life.

Give gratitude a chance! As you can see, having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ doesn’t have to be difficult and can make a real difference to your happiness.

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Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality With The Law Of Attraction

What Is The Law of Attraction?

An ever-present, universal law – the Law of Attraction provides the key to unleashing our greatest dreams. It has always been in existence and it always will – it is working in your life this very second!

Throughout recent years, the Law of Attraction has been on the receiving end of sizeable volumes of media (on account of publications such as ‘The Secret’); only recently bringing the term ‘Law of Attraction‘ to the attention of the masses. Understandably this has sparked huge debates and a flurry of queries, the most popular being ‘what the heck actually is it?’

Well, the Law of Attraction is the teaching that our thoughts equal things (see – http://www.thelawofattraction.co.uk/quotes/ ). To put it simply – it is primarily the idea that we’re all solely accountable for the creation of our realities, through our thoughts and energies alone.

Sound unbelievable? Maybe a little unrealistic?

Look at this example of the Law of Attraction at work and see if it’s recognisable to you¦

You get up in the morning and immediately stub your toe – you curse at your bad luck. The remainder of the morning takes a downhill slide from there; you get stuck in traffic and arrive late in the office, your boss wishes to speak to you about a mistake in your work.

Or maybe you have once been in desperate need of something, as an example more money, time or a specific person. Suddenly and with perfect timing, it arrives in your life! You exclaim it’s a ‘miracle’ or describe it as having happened out of the ‘blue’.

These two scenarios are not coincidences or ‘luck’; these are the result of your thoughts and emotions creating the reality before you.

As you have seen, something as simple as stubbing your toe can set a tone of negativity in your mind which then becomes responsible for ruining your entire day. This is an incredibly simplistic example of how our mood and thoughts can determine our day.

This is continuing from the Law of Attraction belief that our ‘thoughts equal things’. Think negative thoughts and you’ll attract greater negativity into your life. Think positive thoughts and these too will manifest in your reality.

How Does The Universe Manifest Our Thoughts?

Consider the universe as a satellite. Our thoughts, emotions and energies are constantly emitting a specific frequency, which the universe picks up and expands on – manifesting this frequency into the reality you live.

Having said that, this doesn’t mean that to be a millionaire you only need envision a million dollars for it to fall neatly into your lap. Understanding how to manifest what we want most is about really aligning your energies with your desires and ridding ourselves of all doubt, fear or resistance (see – money and the law of attraction cards ). However, with the right guidance and practice you can begin to manifest more of what you do want and less of what you do not in no time!

Listen to your intuition; recognise the coincidences, insights and hunches that you experience. These are all a result of the Law of Attraction at work within your life.

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