Your Sexual Energy – Beyond The Law of Attraction, The Most Powerful Energy There is to Manifest Your Desires

Beyond The Law of Attraction

The Law of AttractionWe want to tell you about a manifesting technique that is simple, yet very powerful. It has been used by in various forms by esoteric schools for a millennium. The technique uses your most potent energy, the energy of your sexual center.

This only makes sense when you think about it. Your sexual energy contains the power of creation. Every person in the world, nearly 7 billion people are all the end product of sexual energy. What could be more miraculous than the ability to co-create another life?

Takes The Law of Attraction to a Whole New Level

As you may know, your sexual energy is contained in your second chakra, sometimes called your sacral center. Interestingly enough, sacral comes from the word sacred. It is the center of your creativity. Creativity and manifestation go hand and hand.

To ramp up and activate your manifesting tune into your sexual energy, particularly in the area of your second and root chakras. You should be able to feel it in whatever way you do, a tingling sensation, a pleasurable sensation, heat and so on.

Use This With The Law of Attraction

When you have the sensation of your sexual energy, do your favorite manifesting technique. If it is visualization, for example, tune into your sexual energy and when you have it, visualize. If you do The Law of Attraction, this can take The Law of Attraction to a completely new level.

If you would like more specific techniques, check out the page at:

Take The Law of Attraction to a whole new level

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