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Facts About The Law of Attraction

What Do You Know About The Law of Attraction?

The Law of AttractionMost people out there are curious to learn about the law of attraction since there is so much information floating in the market about it. While some claim that law of attraction has helped them bank loads of money, others vouch for the fact that law of attraction helped them lose weight, achieve success in life and so on. So, what is law of attraction all about?

The Law of Attraction – Mind Power?

The Law of attraction also termed as mind power changes our lives by bringing about a change in our mindset. One of its biggest proponents is Abraham Hicks. Realistically speaking, it does make sense that bringing about a change in one’s mindset; one can achieve loads of things in life. The law of attraction is based on the concept that like attracts like. Although it sounds simple, most people are unable to follow the principle to achieve desirable results with the aid of laws of attraction. So, how does one make the most of the law of attraction? Here are a few pointers that will help:

First and foremost, you need to realize that the law of attraction is universally accepted. This implies that no matter who you are, you need to get started to experience positive results, and the best way to start is to “start”. There is no shortcut over here! One can’t just sit back and hope for things to fall in place. It doesn’t happen that way in most cases. The perfect day never sees the day of light unless one takes action.

There are certain things in life that may limit your abilities. One needs to back their positive mindset with positive beliefs. What might appear like a hindrance to one may appear like an opportunity for the other. Remember, it’s all in the mind. To make the laws of attraction work, one needs to seize fruitful opportunities in life by bringing out a change in their thought process.

The Law of Attraction is not new

The law of attraction is not a new concept. It has been there since centuries and the secrets are already known to majority of the individuals out there. In fact, many renowned authors have written about laws of attraction in the past. Most of the books on law of attraction have been a huge hit amongst the masses. Some of the books that were published nearly 100 years ago are still sold in some of the local book stores. This speaks a lot about the widespread acceptance of the Law of Attraction in today’s age.

Your Sexual Energy – Beyond The Law of Attraction, The Most Powerful Energy There is to Manifest Your Desires

Beyond The Law of Attraction

The Law of AttractionWe want to tell you about a manifesting technique that is simple, yet very powerful. It has been used by in various forms by esoteric schools for a millennium. The technique uses your most potent energy, the energy of your sexual center.

This only makes sense when you think about it. Your sexual energy contains the power of creation. Every person in the world, nearly 7 billion people are all the end product of sexual energy. What could be more miraculous than the ability to co-create another life?

Takes The Law of Attraction to a Whole New Level

As you may know, your sexual energy is contained in your second chakra, sometimes called your sacral center. Interestingly enough, sacral comes from the word sacred. It is the center of your creativity. Creativity and manifestation go hand and hand.

To ramp up and activate your manifesting tune into your sexual energy, particularly in the area of your second and root chakras. You should be able to feel it in whatever way you do, a tingling sensation, a pleasurable sensation, heat and so on.

Use This With The Law of Attraction

When you have the sensation of your sexual energy, do your favorite manifesting technique. If it is visualization, for example, tune into your sexual energy and when you have it, visualize. If you do The Law of Attraction, this can take The Law of Attraction to a completely new level.

If you would like more specific techniques, check out the page at:

Take The Law of Attraction to a whole new level

How To Manifest Your Desires – An Overview

By Paul Eric

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is an overview of how to manifest your desires and why it works. In other words, what are the main ideas behind the manifestation of desires?

1. Manifesting is determined in your inner world.

You manifest all the time. What you manifest in the outside world is determined to a large degree by your inner world.

The inner world includes:
– your feelings about yourself and the world
– your thinking patterns
– the often very limiting convictions about what you can or cannot do.

The outer world, on the other hand, is everything outside of yourself – including all your relationships, how much money you make, and so on.

So depending on your thoughts, convictions and feelings about yourself and the world, you either limit yourself or you manifest whatever you desire. And yes, this involves the Law of Attraction bringing opportunities and situations your way, in which the universe conspires to support you in manifesting your desires.

2. You can change your inner world.

There are ways to change your inner world – your convictions about what is possible for you and even the way you feel about yourself can be changed. These changes will then reflect in your outer world – what you manifest through the Law of Attraction.

Often, you hear people saying that you need to think about what you desire and it will come into your life through the Law of Attraction. While changing your thoughts is an important part of the manifesting process, it is only the first part of it.

The second part are your feelings. If you think about manifesting more money, but you feel that you do not deserve more money, then those feelings (inner world) will reflect in what you manifest in the outer world.

So what you think about a desire (more money) and how you feel about having more money can be in conflict. For powerful manifestation, your feelings and thoughts regarding what you desire should be in alignment and as free of mental and emotional blocks as possible.

There are many ways to remove mental and emotional blocks. Probably the fastest and most effective way is the Golden Flow System. In upcoming posts we will talk more about the most common blocks in manifesting desires and what can be done to remove them.


by Paul Eric

Allow & Align Process

Allow & Align
Allow & Align

I am in a highly creative/dreaming (or attracting) mode. I have been spending time every evening to flow my energy and have now turned the corner into flowing my dreams.

Last night I began to dream about where I want to be in five years, what I want to be doing. During the dreaming I activated this energy and allowed the desire to take more and more shape. Afterwards I worked on aligning my energy to the desire. In the alignment process I found bridges between my days now and my days in my dreams five years from now.

So today I will be bridging this energy. I will be experiencing the energy of my fulfilled dreams and a few manifestations today, instead of waiting five years and shortening the time it will take for my dreams to come forward. Why wait five years?


Kalyn B Raphael

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Law of Attraction: Being Selfish to Improve Your Vibration & Attraction

The Law of Attraction
Authetically Selfish LOA

Kalyn, did you say that being Selfish will increase my ability to use LOA (The Law of Attraction)?

Yes! Absolutely! However, there is an important detail that you can’t miss here. Being Selfish with a capital “S” will increase your vibration and, therefore, what The Law of Attraction brings to you. On the other hand, being selfish with a lower case “s” will decrease your vibration and de-enhance the energetic vibration The Law of Attraction uses in your attracting.

Let’s start by talking about the difference between being Selfish and being selfish:

You need to begin by recognizing that your life, your choices and your feelings can come from one of two places within you; they can come from your authenticity or your preconceived self.  By preconceived self I mean that false self or ego self. More specifically I mean that part you that has ideas and beliefs about what should be.
Too many people have a lot of ideas and beliefs that define life and how it ought to work. For example, here in the US people, generally speaking, believe that babies should sleep in cribs by their selves, while in Japan generally speaking, people believe babies should sleep with their parents or grandparents, sharing a bed.

Regardless of where or how you believe babies should sleep, what’s truly important to notice is that the actions we take regarding where we put our baby to sleep can come from our Self, our authenticity, or our self, our preconceived self that is made up of our beliefs. In this example if a mother made her decision from her Self then she would seek out the authentic way to put her baby to sleep. Instead of focusing on her preconceived belief about how society thinks her baby should sleep she would do what was right to her. This means that she would make the choice that fit her present needs and her baby’s. She would make a choice in her Golden Flow ™ such that no matter where the baby slept or who the baby slept with, the mother would feel peaceful, loving and calm, having done the right thing for herself and her joyful baby.

Babies and The Law of Attraction

Having made the right choice, she will have activated the energy of her Self. This authentic choice will automatically connect her to her Source Energy, raising her energy and increasing the beneficial things that The Law of Attraction will now bring into her life.

On the other hand, here in the US a common experience for new mothers happens when she forces herself to leave her child crying in their crib as she closes the door and begins to cry herself, believing that she is doing the right thing by putting the child to sleep alone.  Because she has based her choice on information she has been taught in the past, as opposed to her present experience, her concept of what it means to be a good mother is lowering her energetic vibration, which is causing the pain and the crying for her baby and for herself.

Change your thinking to become more Selfish – More of The Law of Attraction

What is most important in any situation in life is for you to always feel as though you are doing your best and making choices that are beneficial. The only way to do this is to focus on what you need in the now moment. This means placing your authentic Self first, which your past cannot define. People often confuse this with being self-centered and they think that this would mean indulging their whims without considering others.

However, the truth is that being indulgent and careless is not the same as being authentic. Indulgence and self-centeredness are only present when we are basing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs on our past.  People only act selfishly and self-centered when painful past experiences are making them feel unloved, therefore they are unwilling to share because they are afraid there won’t be enough for them; when their past experience showed them that people are unfriendly so that they assume the person they are meeting now will be the same way, causing them to hold back. Living from the past this way is what causes anyone to miss the now moment and lose their authenticity.

When you are in the flow of your authenticity you are more concerned with what you are experiencing now: what you need, what your loved ones need or what a situation needs.  In your authenticity you are making mature and wise choices.

Coming from the energies of maturity and wisdom can’t help but increase your energetic vibration. Become Selfish, authentic, and the Golden Flow™ of your now moment will connect you to your Source Energy. Your Source Energy is an endless stream of abundance, love and wisdom, and offering this vibration for The Law of Attraction to attract your life from will create a full and divine life for you.

Inside Abundance

Universal Law: As within, so without-

dsc03851Is abundance something that comes from without? Without meaning outside of you.

People look for abundance outside of their selves.

They think it comes from money they earn, which is true and untrue.

They think it comes from doing hard work, which is true and untrue.

They think it depends on how much money there is in the world, which is true and untrue.

They think that there may not be enough for them, which is true and untrue.

You have to know what Abundance is if you hope to know where it comes from. Abundance is an energy, not printed cash. Therefore, abundance comes in many forms – you can have an abundance of money, of love, of food, friends, joy and so on.

People often think of abundance in terms of money, which only makes sense. However, if you limit the energy of abundance to making money then you will find yourself on the wrong track because you will be coming from without.

Abundance is an energy that we have to tune into and allow in our lives. It is a natural flow from our Source Energy and a flow that we need. When we don’t limit abundance to money from without then we open to the natural abundance that our Source has for us. We all experience some form of abundance in our lives, even if you don’t think that you do. You can’t help it, it is a natural part of our universe. The trick is to begin to recognize this. As you choose to recognize that you do experience some form of abundnace in your life then you begin to tap into this energy.

For example, my three year old daughter, who took the photo of her feet above, experiences abundance in many forms – though not necessarily monetarily. Sure, at the age of three it’s true that she doesn’t have money, but when she wants to hold money she knows where to find it. In other words, my daughter experiences abundance in many forms. One form is in her ability to take an abundance of photos (thank God for digital film/memory cards!) She doesn’t find many limits in her life: unlimited photos, unlimited laughter, playing and so on.

Although some people may not be in an allowing place to recognize that my daughter is experiencing abundance, hopefully you will because herein lies the secret of this universal law! When we experience abundance within, which my daughter does, then we can’t help but find abundance without. When we are joyful inside and when we allow the energy of abundance to come into us then we slowly (but hopefully quickly) and surely begin to find abundance reflected outside ourselves.

In part this is because we are holding the energy of abundance and, therefore, acitivating the Law of Attraction to bring abundance into our lives. It is similar, but the Law as within, so without more specifically stated that what you are within yourself you will see reflected outside of yourself; it’s not about what you will attract to yoruself but rather about what already is here within yourself and outside of yourself. It is a mirror.

What is within yourself? Are you finding the abundance you desire inside and outside of yourself? If not, realize what abundance is and begin to allow the energy of this aspect of what you are within yourself so that what is then reflected back to you, as Who your truly are, will match the natural abundance that you truly are.


Kalyn B Raphael has been a teacher of spirituality for nearly ten years specializing in abundance & manifesting. She works with clients applying financial spiritual coaching to their lives, so that spiritual principals and universal laws are applied to their finances and their abundance. Kalyn and her husband Kris created a CD & workbook set, Manifesting Abundance, to help people improve their abundance. Kalyn also works with private clients (contact her for an appointment) and is creating a financial class for this summer. To register for class please go to

Be Willing to Use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction abides by your energy. If your energy is unwilling, even if the unwillingness is buried deep down in your beliefs,  then your energy will not truly flow in the direction of what you wish to attract into your life.On the other hand, if you find that you have allowed the energy of unwillingness to flow within you, then you will find that your energy cannot help but attract what you desire and dream of.The Law of Attraction