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3 Truths To Help You Seize The Day and Change Your Life

How frequently do you put something off, blaming it on ‘bad timing’ ? Whether or not it’s getting that new job, travelling somewhere new, letting someone know how you really feel or even changing your health for the better – many of us are guilty of putting things off in favour of waiting for the ‘right moment’.

But how does putting off the things that are most important to your happiness, help you move forward with your life? Every time you held yourself back from trying something totally new, going for your dreams or fulfilling your potential, you could have missed out on creating what could have been life-changing moments.

As we know from the Law of Attraction (see – using the law of attraction for your career success ), our attitudes will always inevitably manifest in our everyday reality. If this is true, then you need to throw out the ‘can’t do’ attitude and swap it for a ‘can do’ one.

The next time you hear yourself making excuses or are afraid of making positive changes in your life, remind yourself of these 3 following truths (see – the law of attraction tips ):

1.We all have to start somewhere. Is there somebody you especially look up to? That one person who seems to be a success at no matter what they do? If that’s so, then you need to remember that this person was not always so exceptional at the things they’re doing. Regardless of who we are or how talented we may be, we were all newbies once. So, don’t avoid trying something new out of a fear of looking silly or messing up – after all, your greatest hero was just the same as you once. Better still, when starting something for the first time try asking somebody in the know for some guidance. You may be surprised by how many people love to share advice and stories of how they got to where they are today.

2.Failure is our greatest signpost to success. Lots of people let a fear of failure hold them back. Nonetheless, whilst it can feel safer in your comfort zone, failure in the pursuit of something you care about can feel a lot more exhilarating! After all, failing at something is a sign you are actually one step closer to reaching your dream. The more experiences with failure you have, the closer it means you are to succeeding.

3.Right now is the perfect time to start! There is no such thing as ‘tomorrow’, all that we are guaranteed is the here and now. So, stop putting off for tomorrow what can be done today. There is no such thing as the perfect moment, so stop waiting for it. Embrace the today and get started on making tomorrow an even better one!

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5 Ways To Uncover Your Secret Super Power

Did you have a much-loved super hero as a child?

Perhaps it was Superman, or Batman or maybe even Wonder Woman?

Regardless of who your favourite was, the one thing that we all seem to admire most about superheroes is that they are unique. They all have that one unique gift which they are able to bring into the world.

However, the good news is that you too have something special. Each one of us has that unique, special something that only we are able to bring into the world. It’s just up to you to find yours!

5 Ways to Unlock Your Inner Super Power

1.Identify Your Power. All great superheroes possess a power exclusive to them. To release your inner greatness, all you must do is discover yours.

What trait, talent or ability do you have that is unique to you? The best way to find out is to think of the everyday things that come easier to you than they do to others. A lot of the time, we can make the mistake of taking for granted the skills and qualities that others admire us for. Open your eyes to your strengths – these will be what assist you to achieve greatness.

2.Embrace Your Uniqueness. It’s your responsibility to develop and build on the abilities you do have. There is only one you; the Law of Attraction (see – http://www.thelawofattraction.co.uk/ or read the law of attraction blog here ) teaches that when you learn to embrace everything that comes as a part of this, your world will become limitless.

3.Practice Greatness. It’s true what they say (see – law of attraction affirmation ) – practice does make perfect. So, make sure to use every opportunity you can to put your greatness into action.

Once you start to see yourself succeed in using your talents and skills, you’ll begin to grow in both confidence and ability.

4.Stand Up To Adversity. What are superheroes best at? Fighting villains of course!

Likewise, there’ll be a time when you too need to face your adversaries. These adversaries may come in the form of naysayers, doubt, procrastination and negativity. Nevertheless, learn to overcome these and you’ll become stronger than ever.

When the naysayers do arrive, don’t let this dishearten you. Many people are intimidated by change, so when they see someone they know bettering themselves it can be hard for them not to have their say. But forget them for now; as you become more successful, you’ll become an inspiration to those that once doubted you.

5.Begin Today! So what will it be? Do you choose to keep your greatness hidden under-wraps, blanketed beneath your fears and doubts? Or, do you choose to unlock this inner-greatness that you’ve been hiding for too long?

If you choose the latter – and I hope you do – the best way to begin is to begin with today! The world needs that special something that only you’ve got. So what are you waiting for?
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Learn How To Live An ‘Inspired’ Life: The 5 Step Guide

If someone was to ask you to describe your life, what would you say? Would you say it is ‘ok’? Lousy? Or maybe you would say it was pretty good?

Would you ever think to describe it as inspirational? When answering this question, many people are shocked and even frustrated by their own responses. A life should not be described as merely ‘ok’. Should you die tomorrow, how would you feel knowing that you’d lived a life you could only describe as ‘ok’?

Learn how to live an inspirational life (see – law of attraction gifts ). Make your days worthwhile, create for yourself a life which is worth living.

Start using these 5 steps to find out how:

1.Get Honest

How do you really feel about your life? Are you fulfilled in your jobs, relationships and general lifestyle? Do you enjoy waking up in the morning? Do you feel content last thing at night?

Honesty is the greatest way to go when you’re looking to transform your life for the better. As a result, get honest with yourself by asking the all important question – are you happy?

2.Get Active

When you’re able to to pinpoint the parts of your life that need adjusting, it’s time to take action! Don’t like your job but have a great business idea? Then leave your job and work on that new business idea. Want to feel healthier? Get your running shoes on now. Time is important, and the sooner you begin to implement these changes the sooner you’ll achieve the results you crave.

3.Get Motivated

Making changes can be tough. Therefore, when you’re struggling to make the changes necessary to improve your life, search out a little motivation. You can do this by frequently reminding yourself of the bigger picture (see – affirmations ). For example, if you need to get fit and lose weight, book yourself a holiday where you can show off the results a couple of months down the line.

4.Get Creative

Stuck for what to do or how to go about living a more passion fulfilled, inspirational life? The answer is simple – get creative! Make sure to think outside the box.

5.Get Fearless

No new adventure comes totally free of its scary moments and doubts. Concern with the unknown is entirely natural; nonetheless, living the ‘inspired’ life is about no longer using fear as an excuse not to chase your dreams. Life is short – let this give you courage in the face of greatness.

Finally, you should never forget that your life is an expression of your thoughts and energies. Get the latter right, and it’ll be plain sailing from there onwards.

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