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Success Is Two Parts How You Feel And One Part What You Do

At some point or another in life, many of us realize that success is not just some uncontrolled event, but how we react to what happens that holds the key to our success. Generally speaking, is it basic optimism or positive attitude that is the difference between individuals that have and have not? While that might be a stretch, it has been proving time and time again that thinking optimistically, often yields progressive results.

With that in mind, what is the nature of an optimistic outlook? Generally, our lived experiences are seriously influenced by the concepts that we each develop, which ultimately influences the various choices that we must make. The cerebral hemisphere that does the “knowing” is overwhelming rational. This one is easier for most of us to understand. Let’s say maybe you work with databases professionally, you learn more by getting some oracle apex training or Oracle ADF training. However, your life’s perspective is subject to your sentiments. Though the things we’re sure about characterize our decisions and values, how we feel about what we know determines our attitude. A person may in fact be very smart, nevertheless the feelings they have about their world, finances and relationships can either guide them to fortunes or direct them to failure.

The right attitude results in an existence of expecting great things to happen. How do you get there? The first step is to examine your past. Delve into things that have happened and the choices you’ve taken regarding those events which have brought you to the present point in your existence. Previous fortunes and misfortunes give us the information required to build improved life strategies. The fact that many people overlook is life is like building blocks. Take eating healthy for example. We can all agree that indulging in candy and chocolate every so often is harmless, however over indulging for a long period of time may result in serious ailments, such as diabetes. Try to use your past to as a tool. Learn from it and apply the lessons to your future, releasing your positive attitude.

Now let’s talk about creating a positive attitude in the present. The present is the moment where our better future begins. If you are in sales for example, your consistent sales activity today, results in more opportunities in the funnel, that results in more sales, which ushers in a brighter and prosperous future, based on your present optimism. Seize the opportunity of the moment, for time is man’s most precious commodity. For each second that you share with a person, you will never get that minute back. The same is true with your thoughts. Spending time with positive thoughts leads to a positive attitude and positive results.

The future is where the positive attitude comes to fruition. The future is not written in stone, thus it can be constructed from the way you think in the present. It is a big responsibility to choose to determine the future. From nothing tangible a positive outlook manifests into the future that is of your design. A positive attitude learns to great expectations. Appreciate all that the past and present has thrown at you, which are lessons that will support you in building a future of your choice.

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