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Are You Hanging Around The Wrong People? Discover Why We Are Who We Surround Ourselves With

The old saying ‘Those with whom we assemble, we soon resemble’ has much truth to itWhether or not this saying is recognisable to you, have you ever truly considered the meaning behind these words?

The Law of Attraction teaches we share the energies of the company that we keep (see – the law of attraction ).

Our feelings, energies and actions are continually impacted upon, transformed, bent and stretched by the people that we surround ourselves with. But if this truly is the case, then shouldn’t we be paying more attention to the company that we keep? The ones that know better would argue yes.

Take this recognisable example; you’re having a moderately pleasant day. You are relaxing at home when you receive a call from a friend. They are gloomy and phone to share all their problems with you. After the call, you are left feeling gloomy and totally deflated. Because of your new, negative mood you go on to argue with your partner when they get home. You become cranky with your children and don’t watch the movie you had put aside earlier to relax to.

Is this recognisable to you? This is a great example of when somebody else’s mood is able to interfere with your own, with devastating effect.

Certainly, avoiding everyone that lowers our positivity levels isn’t always possibly. Especially when you are related to them! Nonetheless, understanding how to recognise the significant impact that others might have on your energies and wellbeing can be a powerful thing for your happiness (see – law of attraction for success . It gives you choice; it puts you in the powerful position of learning how to recognise when the emotions of others are impacting you, supplying you with the chance to do something about it.

So, to make things easier – here are the four biggest culprits responsible for impacting your happiness and wellbeing. Learn how to recognise these ’emotional vampires’ to better deal with them when they come your way.

1.The ‘Rakers’: The people intent on continually ‘raking’ over unhappy memories and past turmoil.

2.The ‘Dwellers’: Unfortunately, some people simply thrive off of negativity and seek comfort in dwelling in their own and others misery. Don’t dwell with them; if they are not willing to join you on more positive plains then it’s time to move on.

3.The ‘Judgers’: Whenever we judge others, we are subconsciously judging our very own shortcomings. Hence why judgment is such a hurtful and obstructive quality to have. Rise above gossip and criticism. Be that which you wish to see in your daily life.

4.The All-Round ‘Haters’: These are the unlucky lot that insist upon resisting the beauty and blessings that life offers them. Regardless how much you try and get them to see the positives, they’ll thwart your time and efforts at every turn.

If we really are who we surround ourselves with, then why wouldn’t you want to surround ourselves with other people that encourage, share in and nurture our happiness? Learning to recognise when somebody’s own negative energies are impacting you may be important for protecting your happiness.

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