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The 4 Biggest Motivation Killers

Good change is all about cultivating good habits. No matter if it’s a yoga habit, a habit of kindness or a healthy eating habit – habits can create the foundation on which a happy life is built.

But what does developing habits require? Positive habits demand motivation; and for many people, this is something they’re seriously lacking.

The Law of Attraction teaches that our reality is what we make it (see – law of attraction love relationships ). Essentially, it teaches that what we create within is what we create without in our realities. It is for this precise reason that many people try to cultivate habits that take advantage of this; habits of positivity and conscious thinking, which can transform a person’s life for the better.

Before you can commit to creating the habits you need for a good life, you’ve got to be motivated to do it. Learn how to recognise these 4 top motivation killers and discover how to eliminate them, to begin creating the habits that will help you to live out your very wildest dreams.

Beware These 4 Biggest Motivation Killers:

1.Excuses. Excuses are debatably the greatest threat to motivation.

Every one of us is guilty of hiding behind excuses when faced with our dreams. ‘I simply can’t find the time’, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, ‘I don’t have enough time, money etc etc¦’ – when we use excuses like these, we are allowing fear to hold us back.

Learn to recognise when you are afraid. Embrace that fear, look for the positives (see – law of attraction success quotes ) and remember that sometimes, our best successes will lie outside of our comfort zones.

2.The ‘Perfection’ Myth. Too many people can struggle with some form or another of perfectionism. The problem with this is that when you get caught up in unrealistic expectations and set the bar too high, too soon, it becomes all too easy to lose motivation.

It is always better to take imperfect action, than it is to take no action at all.

3.Comparing Yourself To Others. When we compare ourselves to others, our motivation levels take a big hit.

We can become convinced that if we only looked or behaved like certain other individuals, then we may be happy too. Trying to motivate yourself in this way won’t just lower your self-esteem but eventually leave you with no motivation whatsoever.

There’ll only ever be one you. Let your vision for success be what motivates you to make change.

4.Lack of Self-Love. Finally, start loving yourself. Absence of self-love and the feeling of not being ‘good enough’ will always stand in the way of motivation and what it takes to create the life that you crave.

The very best motivation comes from wanting something which will at some basic level, feed your soul. To create a life you’ll love, you must first love yourself.

Release those excuses, be kind to yourself – motivate yourself to a happier, healthier life.

For more information on the Law of Attraction and how to live a life you love, see – youtube.com/user/LOASecret .