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Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality With The Law Of Attraction

What Is The Law of Attraction?

An ever-present, universal law – the Law of Attraction provides the key to unleashing our greatest dreams. It has always been in existence and it always will – it is working in your life this very second!

Throughout recent years, the Law of Attraction has been on the receiving end of sizeable volumes of media (on account of publications such as ‘The Secret’); only recently bringing the term ‘Law of Attraction‘ to the attention of the masses. Understandably this has sparked huge debates and a flurry of queries, the most popular being ‘what the heck actually is it?’

Well, the Law of Attraction is the teaching that our thoughts equal things (see – http://www.thelawofattraction.co.uk/quotes/ ). To put it simply – it is primarily the idea that we’re all solely accountable for the creation of our realities, through our thoughts and energies alone.

Sound unbelievable? Maybe a little unrealistic?

Look at this example of the Law of Attraction at work and see if it’s recognisable to you¦

You get up in the morning and immediately stub your toe – you curse at your bad luck. The remainder of the morning takes a downhill slide from there; you get stuck in traffic and arrive late in the office, your boss wishes to speak to you about a mistake in your work.

Or maybe you have once been in desperate need of something, as an example more money, time or a specific person. Suddenly and with perfect timing, it arrives in your life! You exclaim it’s a ‘miracle’ or describe it as having happened out of the ‘blue’.

These two scenarios are not coincidences or ‘luck’; these are the result of your thoughts and emotions creating the reality before you.

As you have seen, something as simple as stubbing your toe can set a tone of negativity in your mind which then becomes responsible for ruining your entire day. This is an incredibly simplistic example of how our mood and thoughts can determine our day.

This is continuing from the Law of Attraction belief that our ‘thoughts equal things’. Think negative thoughts and you’ll attract greater negativity into your life. Think positive thoughts and these too will manifest in your reality.

How Does The Universe Manifest Our Thoughts?

Consider the universe as a satellite. Our thoughts, emotions and energies are constantly emitting a specific frequency, which the universe picks up and expands on – manifesting this frequency into the reality you live.

Having said that, this doesn’t mean that to be a millionaire you only need envision a million dollars for it to fall neatly into your lap. Understanding how to manifest what we want most is about really aligning your energies with your desires and ridding ourselves of all doubt, fear or resistance (see – money and the law of attraction cards ). However, with the right guidance and practice you can begin to manifest more of what you do want and less of what you do not in no time!

Listen to your intuition; recognise the coincidences, insights and hunches that you experience. These are all a result of the Law of Attraction at work within your life.

For more information on the Law of Attraction and what it can do for you, see – how to use the secret law of attraction .