Riches and Limiting Belief Reprogramming

Each and every one of us grows up with different beliefs about everything under the sun which makes each and every one of us unique. A definition of the word ‘belief’ from the Wikipedia website states that: “Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.”

A belief that is in this state of ‘true’ , whatever it may be, does have it’s transmissible benefits which is great but, at times this state of ‘true’ likewise has problems associated with it because, if the belief in a certain sphere of learning is not ‘true’ and in fact may be faulty, this may be constraining the individual’s mental evolution.

One area we will focus on is wealth and how a individual’s understanding of riches, the beliefs that they hold to be ‘true’ about wealth and money could be hindering them from achieving true prosperity. A constraining belief blocks creative reasoning, the taking of chances on new ideas and self sabotage. Some limiting beliefs regarding wealth and money would be:

* Be realistic, you can’t afford that, your broke.

* Money is the root of all evil, nothing beneficial ever comes from it.

* There is not enough money, my parents constantly had to preserve what little they had.

* Money doesn’t grow on trees my Grandparents used to state.

* Making money should be arduous work, from 9-5 and 2 plus hours on the highway.

* Money doesn’t buy happiness, Just look at the rich people having problems in the news.

* I acknowledge you also have some you would like to add, and I could go on and on as well.

Some of these limiting beliefs are familiar to you are they not, you can even hear some of them in your head at this very present moment, they have been following you around for years, stuck there in the back of your mind, mocking you, eating away at you self confidence about money, about riches and have been limiting your true abilities.

Deep in your subconscious psyche there is a treasure trove of unwanted beliefs that are limiting you from achieving true successfulness and they are just going to stay embedded there until you admit that there may be a problem you need to address, and to start taking action steps to reprogram those restricting beliefs written down so long ago.

What are some things an individual can do to reprogram these limiting beliefs?

* You can attempt positive affirmations, there are many web pages and YouTube videos dealing with this.

* You can look for the advice of a life coach, just type in ‘life coach’ into search engine for a list.

* You can try subliminal audio messages that get around the conscious mind and affect subconscious.

While the first 2 suggestions do work with much effort, the 3rd suggestion requires very little effort. Subliminal audio messages reprogram negative restricting beliefs with healthy positive beliefs. The slight effort on your part does necessitate that you are consistent in listening to the audio messages.

Any change takes time, especially limiting beliefs embedded in the subconscious mind. Recognizing that a shift is needed is the first step. Limiting beliefs are just words with negative definitions to them, to change your outlook about wealth, money and prosperity requires the reprogramming of these limiting beliefs, how you go about making that change is up to you.

You can find out more about the benefits of Subliminal Audio Messages and what type of audio’s are available to you from the world wide web link below. To your continued success in life!

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