11 Forgotten Laws – Number 9

The Regulation of Sacrifice is just one of the 11 forgotten laws written in completion by Bob Proctor who has been described as a motivational speaker and is a firm believer of the forgotten laws. The Regulation of Sacrifice is all about discipline. By discipline, Proctor doesn’t mean the discipline one imposes on another, quite the discipline one imposes on oneself. Based on Proctor, 11 forgotten laws every little thing that is obtained comes at a price. Value has rather more to do with money. It often contains what an individual is willing to provide as a way to receive. Proctor believes that most individuals aren’t willing to pay the price, no matter it may be, to get the issues that they want. He believes this for a number of reasons. One, some individuals are lazy and do not need to put within the work or effort to get what they want. Two, some individuals expect issues to be handed to them for nothing and third, some are too afraid to go after what they actually want.

The three sorts of individuals described above wouldn’t have a true sense of the 11 universal laws. Their way of thinking could be the 11 laws work as a miracle or by magic or have a Biblical sense. This isn’t true in line with Proctor. In order for the 11 universal laws to work for anyone they have to be willing to let the laws work for them and be willing to place law of attraction within the effort to make the laws work. These which might be afraid to go after what they want as a result of they’re afraid to fail do not actually understand the universal laws.Proctor believes that the universal laws are all the time in motion whether an individual realizes it or even believes in it. Those who respect the laws and are aware of their existence will see the laws working for them in ways in which they like.

The opposite is true for non-believers and those with no respect for the laws. The laws are strict in a way as a result of they are going to solely present for those who have earned what they want – those who have put within the time, work, and effort to achieve their dreams. Simply fantasizing about getting one thing one needs shouldn’t be a option to make issues happen.Those who need the universal laws to work for them have to be working with the laws. A person that wishes for one thing should take action. Taking motion means studying how to go about getting what you need and listening to what the universe has to tell them. Those who respect the universal laws by no means hurt others, sacrifice their well being or relationships, or do one thing illegal to obtain what they want. This isn’t how the universe works.

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