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By , January 28, 2010

Does this appeal to you?
Are you now ready to become a
Master Manifester?

Kalyn Raphael

Kristopher Raphael

Previously we gave you –

The powerful Manifesting Videos & the free Three Laws of Manifesting ebook.

We introduced three key laws to help you manifest:

  1. The Law of Self – in which we taught you how to connect with your authenticity, where life lives by different laws
  2. The Law of Attractionwhere we talked about the important of bringing your being into the energy of what you want to manifest to attract easily
  3. The Law of Repetition– In which we gave you the key to activating the energy that you prefer into your life

Still, we have much more to teach you!

One thing you need to know to manifest powerfully is how to use your Source’s Powerful Energy to Create.


We’ve been working on something GRAND to help you further your manifesting process!

Thank you for partaking in our Manifesting videos. We love the feedback that we receive from you and we love knowing that our videos are helping you on your path.

We, Kristopher and Kalyn, have a lot more to share with you. We have worked diligently on our own manifesting and on bringing our own lives into flow for many years. We have also worked with people helping them get into their Golden Flow™ for nearly ten years.

Our mission is to help you know and feel that you are loved by your Source Energy and that you can have what you dream of! You can be the you of your dreams!

Live Your Dreams

Why not allow yourself to have experiences beyond your wildest dreams?

Most people try so hard to make things happen life. They toil and work hard to create the life they desire.

Can you relate to this?

It doesn’t need to be this way! You have an incredible resource that is with you right now that has virtually unlimited power and intelligence. All you need to do is to tap into it.

Your Life Purpose is to Create and Expand and your powerful Source Energy is Conspiring to help you do this if you only were to allow it!

But, here’s the deal…your Source Energy will not over-ride your free will.

To tap into your Unlimited Potential you need the keys to align to your Source Energy. This Course gives you those keys

This course is going to take everything we have shared with you to a higher level!

It is also going to give you the chance to work with us to truly receive the help, inspiration and direction you may need.

In this course, you will enjoy some phenomenal benefits to support you:

Lessons, Videos and audio files: In addition to 3 months of weekly written lessons, we supplemented the lessons with 17 videos. Each video has an audio file you can listen to if your internet is slow.

A Manifesting Private Community: Not only can you access your weekly lesson online, but to help you with any questions and you let you connect with others working on their manifesting, we will connect with you on a private online forum. This means you can post your questions, share your experiences and connect with us and others.

Connecting with others is another spiritual law – when you exchange energy with others, just through your friendship and communication, you tap into a larger synergy of the whole. Connecting with others in this course means you are automatically increasing your energy and your manifesting ability.

Having us there to answer your questions is like having K2 (Kris & Kalyn) as your own manifesting coaches! The price for coaching support and answers alone is worth the cost of the course!

More Esoteric, yet practical Universal Laws: Deeper insights into

  • The Law of Self, (mastering this is the most life-altering things you will ever do!)
  • The Law of Attraction (here is the missing secret to this powerful law),
  • The Law of Repetition
  • and more secret Universal Principals that give you the keys to unlock your creative abilities and manifest the life of your dreams.

Fundamentally Raise and Shift Your Being – One of the greatest benefits, and the reason participants have done so well with this course in the past, is because we have used our 20 years of combined experience to design a class to help you enhance your being into a more flowing, higher evolved place. Come shift how you see manifesting, how you think of it and what you do to get into the flow of manifesting the life you prefer.

Amazing Course Benefits:

  1. New way to learn about manifesting – life is always evolving and going deeper. Learn the most powerful and deep ways to manifest with us!
  2. Connection to Soul/Source or Life – through manifesting we are naturally connecting to something more that creates our lives with us
  3. Co-Creation – Learn how to work with your Source Energy so that you are using your energy and your Source’s in attracting your dreams
  4. Having meaning in life– Yes, your dreams make your life more meaningful! Increase the quality of your life through your attracting
  5. Fulfillment from your desires – Learn how to take your desires deeper so that they bring true fulfillment and joy to your life
  6. Have a flowing outlook– Become the kind of person who genuinly feels like life is conspiring to support you and like you can be the You of your dreams
  7. Connecting with like minded practitioners

“I am lucky to have met the School, Kristopher and Kalyn, and their teachings. It is just blowing my mind. Literally.”


“It is magic to work with you, Kristopher and Kalyn. Thank you for bringing this to me – life takes a totally new dimension when I am work your teachings.”


Working with K2(Kristopher and Kalyn), is amazing.  Thank you so much.  May we all have the life of our dreams – living our highest probability!


By ordering now you will receive the powerful meditative process – Accessing Your Future Self to Manifest Your Deepest Desires Now.

As you may know, meditative processes are one of the most powerful ways to work with the energy of manifesting. Did you know that right now, you have a future probability where your desires are already manifest? And, did you know that you can access this future probability to bring these desires manifest now?

There is a Future You that is living your desires manifest. Order now and receive this powerful meditative process for accessing your Future Self and bring your desires manifest in the Now.

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We have designed this course to assist you in a multiple number of ways: through lessons, visually and by using stories and real examples.

We know from personal experience that this course will benefit you if you simply apply what is given. However, we want you to be happy with what you receive.

The course is 3 months. If, after the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, we will offer you a complete refund if this course isn’t for you!

Today is .

We are offering a 50% discount to those who are one of the first to purchase the Create Effortlessly by Tapping into The Power of Your Source Energy three month course.

In addition, by purchasing today, we will divide the total of the Course into three easy payments – one payment for each month of the three month course.

Buy now and the cost of the Course is just three payments of $195 $97, and you also will receive the powerful meditative process – Accessing Your Future Self to Manifest Your Deepest Desires Now.

Or, If you are concerned about your finances, we are offering a ‘written lessons only’ version of the course for $110 $55 per month for three months. You receive the same Course as the full version, but without the video and audio files.

30 Day GuaranteeRemember. We want you to be completely happy with what you receive. You have a full 30 days to chose whether you wish to continue with the Course or not. Simply let us know and we will give you an immediate refund. You have nothing to lose.

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